Project PiP

Partners in Prevention

image used with permission -Maria Fabrizio

image used with permission -Maria Fabrizio


Project PiP is a comprehensive suicide prevention program brought to schools and community agencies. PiP offers suicide prevention programming that includes upstream prevention, multi-tiered school-based prevention, trainings and workshops, collaboration and learning opportunities for the promotion of suicide prevention efforts worldwide.

"Suicide prevention is needed now more than ever, and together we CAN save lives.  Myths, fears, and stigma keep us from talking about suicide and effectively preventing it.  I have been personally and professionally impacted by suicide, as have so many others, and I look forward to a day that that stigma no longer exists. Programs like Project PiP will help make that a reality. I am so excited to bring awareness and build connection in our community! "

- Project PiP Coordinator

If you or someone you know is suicidal, please call the national suicide prevention lifeline or go to your nearest emergency room.