Coping Cubes

Coping cubes are a manipulative block designed by PFDL to remind adolescents how to cope in stressful situations. There are four different cubes: the original cube, the military cube, the suicide prevention gatekeeper cute, and the suicide prevention adolescent cube.

3D Cube images.jpg

The two suicide prevention cubes were designed as a complement to the Project PiP programming. The gatekeeper cube was created to be a reminder for mental health professionals on how to spot risk and do a risk assessment. Adolescents who are trained in the peer mentorship component of Lifelines are provided cubes as a preventative tool for suicide risk.


The original coping cube was created to provide adaptive coping skills for adolescents experiencing high levels of stress and/or traumatic events.


The military coping cube was adapted from the original coping cube with military culture in mind. The panels relate to the unique experiences military connected adolescents have.


Coping cube curriculum

The original and military coping cubes had a curriculum designed to educate on how best to utilize the skills represented on the cubes.

  • Designed for children but useful with adults, participants learn to associate cube with moments of stress and teach skills for each panel.
  • Developed flexible curriculum which can be presented to groups of children or adults; expandable from 30-90 minutes
  • Uses each panel and expands on the skill with additional activities (i.e. mindfulness, breathing, cognitive triangle)