Evidence Based Practices


Project Fleur-de-lis' evidence based program, EBP, connects multiple trauma-informed treatments to schools in the Greater New Orleans area.  School mental health professionals are offered training, implementation assistance and consultation in providing evidence-based trauma interventions.  The comprehensive programming in a school setting allows for youth of varying ages to be served individually or as a group.  A student who has access to trauma intervention services after exposure to a stressful or traumatic event can acquire skills that build resilience and reduce or eliminate the need for future mental-health services.  Additionally, the EBP program provides support and self-care resources to teachers and mental health professionals through resources and workshops as needed.

PFDL offers a trauma specialization internship and externship working with the LSU School of Social Work and Tulane University’s School Psychology program. The trauma informed approach offers students specialized training in delivering trauma-informed interventions in a school setting with a focus on self-care to prevent vicarious traumatization.

What I learned from this group is how to better handle your feelings and emotions
— 9th grade CBITS group participant

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I like when we had to draw out our trauma and share it with the group
— 6th grade CBITS group member