Restorative Practices Program

PFDL’s Restorative Program is aimed at building and sustaining a school climate based on the principles and practices of restorative practices at several charter school campuses throughout New Orleans. Project Fleur-de-lis also partners with several community agencies to advocate for and expand the use of community-building and connection circles throughout the city.

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The program is designed to be tailored to the culture of the school or agency receiving services allowing for real success. Restorative Practices is also available for these schools or agencies at varying levels of involvement. Pieces of the program include training, consultation, and policy revision collaboration.

Moving away from zero tolerance and punitive school cultures is hugely important to both educator and student well-being; restorative practices offer a new way forward, transforming organizations to focus on healthy relationships and community building. Accepting that conflict is an inevitable part of life, we aim to use those moments to strengthen connections and explore new ways of repairing harm. Given that within the restorative worldview- it’s not the what, it’s the how- these practices have found their way into many of our programs and are used to improve team communication as well.
— Restorative Program Director