Project Fleur-de-lis' Project PiP is available to bring Lifelines curriculum and the Good Behavior Game to any local New Orleans schools and surrounding parishes. That includes tiered training, support in implementation and consultation at no cost to the school. Please contact PFDL's Project PiP team or the Assistant Director for more information on how to bring these programs to your school.



Lifelines is a comprehensive program, originally designed for middle and high schools. Lifelines Suicide Prevention Program is a best practice program listed on the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC).

The objectives are first to increase likelihood that those who come into contact with potentially suicidal adolescents can readily identify them and respond quickly, and then to provide youth with knowledge and resources that can help them. The lifelines program has several components to meet these objectives.

  • Administration: School Readiness Survey and Policy/Procedural Support
  • Gatekeepers: Suicide Prevention Training for Faculty and Staff
  • Parents: Workshop on Preventing Youth Suicide
  • Students: Prevention Curriculum and Peer Mentor Opportunity

Pax Good Behavior Game

PAX Good Behavior Game is a classroom intervention that has shown significant improvement in disruptive behaviors, academic performance, and long-term function in children. It teaches self regulation, self management, and self control in collaborating with others for peace, productivity, health and happiness. Teachers see an immediate impact shortly after the game is implemented, and the game works well with PBIS.

One of the many long term outcomes is a reduction in suicide behaviors. It has also shown to protect students against lifetime mental, emotional, behavioral and related physical illnesses for their future.

We offer training to school administration and first grade teachers for immediate implementation in the classroom.

Immediate & Short term benefits

  • Increases in on-task and focused attention time
  • Increases in reading scores
  • Increases in standardized test scores in reading & math
  • Increases in teacher efficacy
  • Decreases in aggressive/disruptive behaviors
  • Decreases in office referrals & school-related violence
  • Decreases in teacher stress


Long term benefits

  • Increases in positive family relationships
  • Decreases in conduct disorders
  • Decreases in juvenile criminal offenses
  • Decreases in opiate and other drug addiction
  • Decreases in suicidal thoughts and behaviors