Evidence Based Interventions

The following four interventions are listed under NCTSN's website as evidence based interventions.


Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for trauma in schools(cbits)

CBITS is a trauma focused group therapy that lasts for ten sessions. These groups are facilitated in PFDL schools around New Orleans for grades 5th-12th.

Bounce Back Logo.jpg

Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a trauma focused group therapy that was created from CBITS for a younger clientele. PFDL provides Bounce Back in elementary schools around New Orleans for 1st-4th grade.


trauma focused- cognitive behavioral therapy     (TF-cBT)

TF-CBT is an intervention that is more intense than CBITS or Bounce Back. It is offered as individual or group therapies. At this time, PFDL only offers the intervention as individual sessions.


Traumatic Grief Component Therapy for Adolescents (TGCTA)

TGCTA is an adaptable trauma and grief focused intervention with four modules. It is offered as a group therapy for high schools within PFDL.