The PFDL Director of Evidence Based Practice provides on-going consultation to school social workers and counselors that are providing CBITS, Bounce Back, TGCTA and TF-CBT in their schools. The consultation is offered to assist with screening, implementation support and to discuss challenges. This program also provides manuals and supplies to mental health professionals implementing these trauma intervention services to schools.

In addition, the Director and Coordinator of Evidence Based Practices hold weekly consultation meetings throughout the school year to provide support for the interns and externs facilitating evidence based interventions in the schools. Consultation is mapped so that each meeting has a self-care activity, education around the upcoming sessions and time to process what clinicians are experiencing.


Ongoing education about the sessions improves fidelity of the interventions. This improves the chances of success for the youth being served and the quality of data being collected. The NCTSN notes that training, reflective supervision and peer supervision are all factors in prevention of secondary traumatic stress.

Having access to consultation while implementing a CBITS group was incredibly helpful for many reasons. Two of the biggest reasons being that it:

1. Provided space to process and reflect on sessions
2. Helped me to better prepare for group sessions and gave me ideas to make sessions creative and engaging.
— CBITS Clinician